I’m going to tell you why i think scientific discoveries or inventions can be good or bad. They can be bad, but they can also be good. For example robots and nuclear weapons, they can be bad and good. If you want to find out why i think that it is good to sometimes to stop […]

The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian, is about  a kid called junior that struggles through life because his members from  the reservation start to hate and hit him because they think that he betrayed his family and members. This story has a lot parts that interest people to read the book, for example, […]

The way junior is presented as an outsider is the way he expressed his selve. For example ,he said that he was “half Indian and half white.” He said this because he lived in the reservation but studied in reardan witch was in a white town. He also said that he being Indian was a […]

today i am going to talk about the arrival  (by shaun tan.)the arrival is a book with no words , but it is still a very interesting book to read. it is not only for children but it is for adults. the author has focused on the book about immigration. But there is a different thing about […]

Once when I was 7, my brother wanted to play with me. he said that it was going to be fun.  Then he said let’s play rugby, I said “ok.”  He started making  space  to play rugby, then he said that he was going to put obstacles on the the living room, so he putted […]

Dear Mr. Dastagir Hi my name is Joao criollo, this post is about mobile phones because phones are not giving good news. Students are using their phones when they are not supposed to, they might be getting their phones out in the corridors, in the lunch hall or even during classes. Inappropriate things might come […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway